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Paving the Way for the Housing First Initiative

Veterans Living Communities: Veteran Housing First Initiative



VA gets boost from CARES Act to provide emergency assistance to Veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness during COVID-19 crisis

Homeless, Residential Housing, and Rental Assistance


  • Low-income housing voucher

  • Rental assistance

  • Remodeling assistance

  • Temporary Homeless shelter

  • Transitional Housing

Volunteer Opportunities


  • Build Homes for homeless veterans

  • Connect with employers in the construction sector

  • Leave your mark on Community

National Veterans Council For Legal Redress (NVCLR) has successfully advocated for fair, common sense practices within government. They also wish to serve on the front-lines of the Veterans’ homelessness crisis by providing direct safety net services to disabled veterans. Under the Veteran Living Communities initiative, NVCLR plans to construct an affordable, accessible, multi-family housing unit for up to four Veterans whose income is at or below 50% of Area Median Income. NVCLR will provide paid job training through construction, maintenance, and residential design fields. Trauma-informed intensive case management services will also be available as needed.

NVCLR Seeking Funding for: Veterans Living Communities Initiative 

Housing for Homeless  Veterans

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Veteran Homeless Housing: Under Construction
DT Hilton Designs

Meet our Housing First Team

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Gary Monk
Executive Director
Dr. Pamela Kelley
Director of Special Projects
Claudette Kidd
Funding and Community Liaison
Carl Bordeaux 
Housing Coordinator 
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