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Our Mission

  • Carry on programs and forums to educate the public with respect to the treatment of Veterans with less than honorable discharges and to work toward society's acceptance of such Veterans.

  • Assist needy Veterans and their families in dealing with problems resulting from less-than honorable Veteran Status.

  • Provide training and technical assistance to other non-profit Veterans Organizations.


The NVCLR a Connecticut based Veterans service organization has been impacting Veterans lives since 1982; we built a monument in New Haven to commemorate the Vietnam War. Co-Founder Conley Monk and the NVCLR filed a class action lawsuit with VVA to gain benefits for veterans in 2014. This resulted in the establishment of the Chuck Hagel memo. Providing an opportunity for Veterans with less than honorable discharges to test for PTSD and if confirmed have their discharge upgraded and receive benefits. Additionally, we requested that the DOD board correction be held accountable for releasing statistics concerning PTSD applications and adjudication by each board and each service branch. We provide Veterans with support, in obtaining employment, medical and educational benefits, as well meals, clothing, transportation, and housing. 

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